Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Three Week Challenge: No Personal Spending

Giving up personal spending challenges are not something new to me, I've done three weeks before I cracked back in November.  The Idea stemmed from my favourite blog 365 Fashion Rehab, following two girls as they gave up shopping for a year.  I couldn't commit to a whole year, but a month shouldn't be so hard right?  Well, it sucked I hatted it, I was actually so desperate for a Starbucks I was trying to make deals with friends.  I would say "you buy me one now, I'll buy you one in three weeks", it really was pathetic.

no to shopping :(

My personal shopping rules included:
No buying lunch at work
No Tim's of Starbucks
No clothing, shoes or accessories
No make-up or nail polish
Only food from a grocery store
Nothing from a vending machine
New rule not I.O.U's

With my trip to Florida coming up, I have decided it is time for another spending detox.  Until I leave on Jan,15th I am giving up all my spending habbits, I'm hoping it will go better this time.  So if you are my friend invite me over, not out for coffee or drinks.  Say no when I beg for Chai Latte or diet coke from the vending machine.  It will be worth the money I have saved to spend down south with my family.

Could you give it all up, even just for a short time?

Love Kaydee

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