Thursday, December 30, 2010

Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn

“My look is attainable. Women can look like Audrey Hepburn by flipping out their hair, buying the large sunglasses, and the little sleeveless dresses.”

Miss Hepburn will always be known for her style, her poise and her class.  Breakfast at Tiffany's is by far my favourite movies, I cry every time I hear her calling "cats" name.  If I could wake up looking like anyone tomorrow if would be her.  I am jealous of how she looked in cigarette pants and a black turtle neck, she had a great neck.  She made the little black dress what it is today, simple, structured and classic.

Bella wouldn't move

This is my simple take on an "Audrey" look using what I had in my own closet.
Black cropped pants from Gap
Heals from Spring
Black top from Mexx
Scarf from Coach
-click on links to see items
You can't do Audrey without a strong black eyeliner, I'm wishing today I owned liquid even though I am awful at applying it.  Her makeup was always clean, fresh, simple and elegant.

Really she was just elegant!!

Love Kaydee

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


P.S. our Xmas without credit cards went great, wasn't nearly as hard as we thought it would be.  We still got to see our family and friends, share food and wine.  This maybe a permanent goal for us, it feels good to spend only what you have!!!

Love Kaydee

Three Week Challenge: No Personal Spending

Giving up personal spending challenges are not something new to me, I've done three weeks before I cracked back in November.  The Idea stemmed from my favourite blog 365 Fashion Rehab, following two girls as they gave up shopping for a year.  I couldn't commit to a whole year, but a month shouldn't be so hard right?  Well, it sucked I hatted it, I was actually so desperate for a Starbucks I was trying to make deals with friends.  I would say "you buy me one now, I'll buy you one in three weeks", it really was pathetic.

no to shopping :(

My personal shopping rules included:
No buying lunch at work
No Tim's of Starbucks
No clothing, shoes or accessories
No make-up or nail polish
Only food from a grocery store
Nothing from a vending machine
New rule not I.O.U's

With my trip to Florida coming up, I have decided it is time for another spending detox.  Until I leave on Jan,15th I am giving up all my spending habbits, I'm hoping it will go better this time.  So if you are my friend invite me over, not out for coffee or drinks.  Say no when I beg for Chai Latte or diet coke from the vending machine.  It will be worth the money I have saved to spend down south with my family.

Could you give it all up, even just for a short time?

Love Kaydee

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wine List: Deinhard Riesling

I so enjoy a great glass of white wine (not ready for reds yet), I love the taste and the warm tingly feeling it gives me.  What I love even more is sharing a bottle with friends, just makes it that much more delicious.  But I am frugal and am always on the lookout for a good bottle for under fifteen Canadian.

 Deinhard Green Label has to be my absolute favourite I have tried so far, at at $11.95 well within my budget.  I love the fresh fruitiness of it, I'm not a wine expert so the whole oaky with a hint of dirt thing eludes me.  But it does have a slight crisp bubble to it, its sweet without being syrupy and I can really taste the grape which I love.  This is my go to wine when sharing with friends, and I haven't heard a complaint yet.

Looking forward to lots of bottle Sharing

Love Kaydee

Book Club: Sony eReader Review

I must have been a very good girl this year because Santa and his lovely little elves were very good to me on Christmas morning.  Since I am an avid reader I asked for the Sony eReader and when you ask you shall receive right?  I am so in love with this tiny little device (I'm a bit of a gadget junkie), that I haven't put it down for two days.

The coolest part is that I can use my local library to download books, I am hoping this will help me save money.  The reason I haven't used the library in the past is that I am a horrible returner of thing (don't lend me anything you want back tomorrow).  This created late fees, and in the end I should have just bought the book in the first place.  With my new shiny red eReader (good choice Daddy), the books are automatically returned (poof they disappear).  I'll let you know in 21 days how that works, until then I will be busy reading.

I have a few friends that are against eReaders in fear of killing the art of books.  I love books, this will not stop me from buying books that I love. I have started collecting some searies and plan to own the whole lot. But I have run out of shelf space in my house, and money in my wallet with the rate at which I read.  Chapters will still be my heaven, it may even be a bigger treat now absence does make the heart grow fonder!!

If your looking for me today, its damn cold out so I will be on my couch reading a cheesy girlie book from my new toy!!!

Love Kaydee

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day Recap

I love a good sale, but a day of sales is my mecca!  I was given some money for Xmas so Mr.N and I decided to brave the crowds and go shopping.  The sales I found did not disappoint me, I really got a good haul this year.  I was being a grown girl and was looking for some good wardrobe staples I was lacking.  I came home with 11 new tops, four of my fave undies and a fab small red leather ottoman from Bouclair.

From Old Navy I got:
Heather gray cardigan
Fuchsia cardigan
One white and one gray cotton long sleeved-T
Gray embellished 3/4 length sleeved-T

From Garage I got:
One white and one black racer back tank, my fave for under clothing

From Mexx I got:
One purple and one black satin embellished T
One gray and one purple v-necked thin knit sweater.

These mix and match pieces all coordinate, all fit well and fill in some major gaps in my wardrobe.  I love the grey cardi so much, but was unable to find my coveted black one.  Old Navy isn't known for the best quality, but at these prices (I spent 200 today) even if they only last one season were worth it.  Now I can start looking for those unique trendy pieces to add to these staples, maybe with more pattern and colour.  I'm going to Florida in less than a month, and can't wait so go shopping in some sun!!

Santa was great to me this year, getting me everything on my list!!

Hope you all had a great Xmas weekend, I loved seeing all of our families

Love Kaydee

Friday, December 24, 2010

Nail Art: Last Xmas Nails

Happy Christmas Eve everyone, hope you are having a joyous one!!

Here is my final Xmas nail design, can't wait to try new ones in the new year.

Holly over here Sparkles
OPI  DS Coronation

I'm in a glitter mood right now, can't wait to visit my Grandpa in Florida (cutest 90yr old ever!!) and pick up some new polish!!

Have a safe and Happy holiday!!

Merry Christmas

Love Kaydee

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Minute Shopping

With the busyness of the season, Mr.N and I had to dash out for some last minute shopping tonight.  Surprisingly the mall wasn't a complete zoo, I didn't have to elbow any old ladies out of my way.  So tonight I am going to spend my evening wrapping and labeling, no clever post tonight. 

Hope your all done your shopping.

Two sleeps till SANTA!!

Love Kaydee

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Challenge: Xmas Without Credit Cards

This is a big challenge for anyone, to spend for Xmas with only what you have.  This means not buying everything at once, but when extra money is available.  For Mr.N and me it means shopping on Thursday with all the other last minuters.  I know around Jan 20th (visa bill time) we will be so happy we did this, but right now it just seams hard and inconvenient.  I'm an impulse shopper, so having to put lots of grown girl thought into it is almost painful.  Mr.N is much better with this task, being as he hates shopping.

Hope your enjoying your Holidays.

Love Kaydee

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mondayitis: Dexter Marathon

I'm stuck at home with a wicked head cold, so after leaving work at one, a long nap and making a saucer of hot chocolate, I decided to catch up on some good T.V.

I've been a fan of the show Dexter for years, but with being so busy planning a wedding over the last year I fell behind.  Being sick the last three days I have finished season four, and am looking forward to started season five.  This is an award winning show for a reason, I love Michael C Hall, so sad that he is divorcing his T.V. sister.  I love a twisted dark show, the way Hall can contort his face from family man to killer is uncanny.

My couch is my happy place, I make me up a nice sick bed and sip Ginger Ale.  Hope everyone else if feeling better than me for the holidays.

Love Kaydee

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Best Peanut Butter Cookies

I think everything in cooking should be easy and simple, including baking.  I get compliments on my peanut butter cookies all the time, here is my recipe:

One cup of peanut butter
One cup of white sugar
One Egg
One tea (I use table, I like lots) of vanilla extract

Mix, roll balls onto the tray bake at 350f until done about 10-12 min.

These are sweet, chewy and easy.

perfect one for Mr. N

Love these so much, so much that I made a double batch.

Love Kaydee

Did You Know...

...that they say you can decaffeinate your own tea by steeping it for about a minute then dumping that water out.  The ever so reliable web says it takes 80-90% of the caffeine out of your tea.  I tried it last night and fell asleep fine, normally caffeine after 4pm keeps me up all night.  Placebo or true, it worked for me!!

My Favourite Tea

Now you know...

Love Kaydee

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year, sure my room isn't clean but I did foster two doggies.  I've donated to charities and worked, and smiled at strangers while walking around (they might think I'm crazy).  I got married, was a bridesmaid and hosted a baby shower.  I try to be a good friend, wife and daughter and I look at the bright side of life.

So after world peace and a home for all the needy doggies and babies, I would like the following under the tree in one weeks time.

Sony e-reader, it could help me be better at spelling and grammar which will make others happy.

Sephora Glitz and Glamor kit, cause who doesn't love a sparkle.

Either Sephora's under my trench coat nail polish or Butter London's Rosie lee.

One or all of the following gift cards: MAC, Chapters and Starbucks.

I am always in need of socks and undies, so if you think my Mom will forget you can toss those in too!!

Thank you for your generosity every year, I'll leave out milk, cookies and carrots for the reindeer.

Give Mrs. Clause my love,

All My Love Kaydee

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Credit Card

I'm a firm believer from personal experience that all credit cards cause a slippery slope to debt and impulse buying.  There really is nothing more fun than saying charge it in a really nice boutique.  But there are as many reasons to have a credit card as there are not too.

The Good:
-Needed to book a hotel, in case you have a rock star night a destroy everything
-To book an airline ticket, can you book not on-line anymore?
-Part of your emergence response team, your furnace might explode or you car might implode into expensive bills.
-Helps build good credit, if used right

The Bad:
-Shouldn't spend it if you don't have it
-Paying the protector fee that I can tell you from personal experience did NOT protect us
-It is way more tempting to buy cool needless stuff when you can just pay it later.

Hope you are all enjoying some responsible but fun Holiday shopping this season, but please keep the bad in mind when whipping out that plastic.

Love Kaydee

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Introducing Bella

Photo By Ash

I would like you all to meet my love muffin, a beautiful 80lb lab cross named Bella.  She is a rescue dog that started as my foster from All Breed Canine Rescue, that I feel in love with and had to adopt. 

Her story starts off sad with abuse, neglect and half a cut off tail, but now she has a happy, spoiled life.  Her day consist of many naps, squeaky toys, weekly trips to the dog park and scavenging for food.  She loves food so much she figured out how to open the fridge to get to the butter, she can also break into her food container.  She hates snow, rain, getting out of bed before 10am and other dogs taking her toys (I said she was spoiled).

I get way more love and enjoyment out of having her than I think she does out of me.  She is my snugly, lazy Bella and I am so glad she came into our lives.

Please opt to adopt, there are so many good animals out there who need forever homes!!

Love Kaydee and Bella

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Photoshoot with Ash

I'm lucky enough to have some amazing talented friends, and am so glad that they are always willing to help me out.

When I asked my super talented friend Ash to take some pictures of me for my Blog she was more than helpful.  I think these pictures of me are amazing, they make me feel pretty, mature and lucky to call her my friend.

Thanks Ash, check out her web site for more stuff  at

Hope you like them as much as I do!!!

Love Kaydee

Actually Playing Grownup

When I started this blog I wanted it to be about my learning how to do things that I perceive to be grown up.  I have been struggling with writing in that direction, mostly just giving opinions on my lifestyle.  I want to continue to write that, I really enjoy it, but I also want to continue the process of becoming a better person. 

OK now that I am done getting heavy I'm going to tell you my challenge.  Since I have always said that I am better at starting than finishing I'm going to do week long challenges.  Each Tuesday I will recap the week before challenge and announce the new one. 

Since It is my Mommy in Laws (she's great) birthday next week, and I'm having a wine and cheese drop in for it I need to clean my house.  By clean my house, I need to get it cleaner than it has ever been cleaned before.  Nothing screams the need for a good house clean like having a bunch of in laws in your open concept house.  I hate cleaning so this will not be the best week for me, I'm going to start with the microwave tonight (and yes someone will open it and look, I just know it).

I'm open to suggestions as to what my challenges should be, leave a comment or fire me an email. 

Hope you can help my in my journey...

I feel like its just started...

Love Kaydee

Monday, December 13, 2010

Nail Art: Xmas Lights and snow flakes

Just quick and easy, to continue my nails of Xmas here are two I had over the last week.

Hopefully my close up photography will get better as I practice, hope you enjoy my crafting.

Love Kaydee

Mondayitis: Costco

I'm one of those lucky people that loves to hang out with their Mom, so when she asked me to take her to Costco of course I said yes.  Its freezing cold outside, wet chilled to the bone kind of  cold so I'm not sure I'm cured of my Itis but its a start.

I love Costco for many reasons, first is the $1.99 hot dog and pop deal, so cheep, bad and yummy.  Next is who doesn't love free a sample, you never know what you are going to discover.  And who doesn't love buying in bulk, I so need that much toilet paper at once.

I do have a few Costco rules though, never spend more than 150 dollars in one trip.  I try to avoid buying food, cause of my limited cabinet and fridge space.  Nothing I haven't tried before (samples are trying), you would hate to have something in bulk that you hate.

My Mom and I like to go down every isle touching everything as we go by, this drives Mr. N nuts.  We always have fun together, especially in bulk.

I know this is a weak Mondayitis, but its so cold outside I really just want to be on my couch watching mindless T.V.  Hopefully next week I will be more inspired to cure my Itis!!

Love Kaydee

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Confession: I'm A Reality T.V. Junkie

There is nothing I love more on a lazy Sunday than a reality T.V. marathon.  Whether it comes from TLC, MTV or Discovery I'm hooked for hours.  It all started with "This Old House" when I was only 7 or so years old.  I could watch them turn an old farm house into a 1992 country kitchen trype home all day (oh dusty rose and forest green).  Now its 16 and Pregnant, Keeping up with the Kardashians and like I said anything TLC.  I even love to what the Gosselin Gaggle run around while Kate screams.

Happier Days

I tend to be a bit of a zoner, and can have entire conversations without absorbing anything while enjoy my mind numbingu shows.  This is fine for me, but I'm sure infuriating for those around me.  My secret shame is that I love Celebrity Rehab and Intervention, although I feel terrible saying this, but they interest me more than anything.  I also love little people shows, I like to see them triumph in our giant world.

I think grown girls are supposed to more productive things, maybe if I had a T.V. in the bedroom I could get some laundry put away!!

I'm sure we will have reality T.V. anominus in the future and I will be first in line.  But until then I am going to enjoy my useless Sundays on my oh so comfy couch.

Enjoy your veggin

Love Kaydee

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Starbucks Rules

For a person who thinks coffee is  most fowl tasting drink in the world I have an abnormal love for Starbucks.  So much so that it was starting to hurt both my wallet and waist line, so I had to come up with some rules when it came to my favourite coffee shop.

Not Chai But Looks Yummy

I am so in love with a Non-Fat Chai Latte, in the wonderful words of my BFF B its "Christmas in a cup".  I would drink these every day, three times a day anytime of the year if I could.  I enjoy the taste so much that I have switched my home tea solely to bags of Chai.  Since I would spend the 4.58 everyday Mr. N and I came up with some rules as to when I can buy one

Rule #1. On pay day, a treat for working the two weeks.

Rule #2. When I have to work on a weekend, treat for giving up sleeping in.

Rule #3.  When driving out of the city for half and hour or more, to stop me from falling sleep as I love to do as  soon as the car is in motion.

Rule #4. Meeting friends for coffee, which by the way friends we so don't do enough.

I am trying to avoid the scrumptious baked goods, but how I love a pumpkin scone to go with my latte.

I do find that these rules help with my less spendy and but expandy self, even thought i often dream of white cups topped with foam.

Have some joy in a cup for me.

Love Kaydee

Friday, December 10, 2010

Book Club: Sookie Stackhouse Series

I love a good series, when I'm done reading a book I am always sad to say goodbye to my new found friends!! I love that a series lets me keep in touch over time.

I think Charlaine Harris writes one of the best series starting with Dead Until Dark and ending hopefully not any time soon.  Most of you have probably already heard of the T.V. series True Blood, well its based on theses books.  Although there are some HUGE differences between the two, which makes it all the better.  The show is dark, sexy almost slutty at times, while the books are dark in more of a quirky way, still sexy but not so over the top.  Since the show is only loosely based on the books I am able to enjoy each one separately as its own entity.

Sookie is no ordinary human, she is a telepath who can read the minds of anyone around her, well almost anyone.  She cannot read vampires, who have just "come out of the coffin" and have mainstreamed into society.  This seams pretty far fetched, but Harris has the amazing ability to make it believable, as though its true and we just haven't figured it out yet.  The characters are well develop and lovable, with a few well placed icky ones though out.  These books are full of love stories, tasteful smut and lots of actions, they will keep you on your toes.

I can say without a doubt that theses are some of my favourite books, the only thing I wish is that I wouldn't read them so fast. Can't wait to book 11 to come out in 2011.

Happy reading

Love Kaydee 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If It Were Up To Me Heaven Would Be A Chapters!

Depending on what you believe, and we so don't need to get that deep here, you get to chose what and who are in your after life.  Of course I want all my loved ones, Britney Spears and Audrey Hepburn to be there, but what fun would it be to frolic around a Chapters all day.

I think it has all my daily essentials, food from the wonderful Starbucks.  I would drink Chai lattes everyday if I could.  Plus the Starbucks has wifi so any movies or T.V. you wanted are at your fingertips, of course you get a laptop or iPad in Heaven.  Plus with the addition of e-books, everything that was ever written is just a click away.  All the gossip from those wonderful glossys, and craft kits for the DYIer inside of you.  They have board games, blankets and stuffed animals what else could you need.  Yes if I were to pick my oasis Chapters would be it!!!!

Where would you chose?

Love Kaydee

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wreaths I Wish I Had The Patience To Make

With the deep snow out side creating a winter wonderland, I can't help but think about Christmas decor.  I'm pretty wimpy with my DIY skills, more of a starter than a finisher so I'm just going to dream about making these gorgeous wreaths.

I'm really in love with the white felt rosette one, but the snow pulled my wreath down and I think it would cause a swift death for such an absorbent wreath. 

Hope you have more commitment to your DYIness

Love Kaydee

Monday, December 6, 2010

First Time Shoveling Snow For This Grown Girl!!!

London is in the middle of a huge snow storm, the worst in four years.  After two years of living in a high rise with heated underground parking we had to dig our car out and clear the walk way.  I never had to shovel as a kid, so today was my first time!!  I even had to dig a place for Bella our dog, since it turns out she thinks snow is the worst thing ever.  Here are some pictures of me in the snow with my trusty shovel.  Love my black and white checker coat by Special Blend, so cute and warm.

Have fun, be safe and warm in your winter wonderland!!!

Love Kaydee

Mondayitis Cure: Fresh Pomegranate

There is nothing better than fresh local in season fruit, I look forward to the pomegranate season every year.  These little beauties are pretty expensive off season, but I was able to pick up some for 99 cents each this week.  Most people avoid buying pomegranates because they are unsure of how to de-seed them without making a huge red stained mess.  Once you learn this skill, you will be popping these tart seeds into your mouth all season.

Start off with cutting an X into the top, wiggle the knife a little to loosen it a little.

Using your hand crack open the fruit pulling each quarter away from the others.

I like to pop the seeds out in a bowl of room temp water since the seeds sink and the rinds float.  I also find this help me from making a huge mess, since when I am in the kitchen its normally a tornado of a mess.

Pomegranates are considered one of the super foods, but I love them for their simple fresh taste.  One of my 2010 goals was to eat more fruits and veggies, I think I will need to keep veggies as a 2011 goal!!!

I think a bottle of wine would go perfect with tonight snack.

Happy Snacking, and Happy Monday!!

Love Kaydee

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tiffany Co. Dream List

I have been lucky enough to pick up a few items from Tiffany's for my self over the past few years.  The lovely Audrey started my love of this brand, I love it so much that I decorate my shelves with the little blue boxes.  With Christmas coming up I thought I would give a list of my top five pieces I would love to receive (hint, hint Mr. N)

Bead bracelet

Tiffany Filigree Heart

Tiffany Somerset™ basic ring

Paloma's Marrakesh earrings

Elsa Peretti®
Diamonds by the Yard® necklace

To be honest I would be ecstatic to get any piece in a pretty blue box, but these are my favourites at the moment.  What girl wouldn't love one of these beauties!!!

Love Kaydee