Monday, December 20, 2010

Mondayitis: Dexter Marathon

I'm stuck at home with a wicked head cold, so after leaving work at one, a long nap and making a saucer of hot chocolate, I decided to catch up on some good T.V.

I've been a fan of the show Dexter for years, but with being so busy planning a wedding over the last year I fell behind.  Being sick the last three days I have finished season four, and am looking forward to started season five.  This is an award winning show for a reason, I love Michael C Hall, so sad that he is divorcing his T.V. sister.  I love a twisted dark show, the way Hall can contort his face from family man to killer is uncanny.

My couch is my happy place, I make me up a nice sick bed and sip Ginger Ale.  Hope everyone else if feeling better than me for the holidays.

Love Kaydee

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