Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Starbucks Rules

For a person who thinks coffee is  most fowl tasting drink in the world I have an abnormal love for Starbucks.  So much so that it was starting to hurt both my wallet and waist line, so I had to come up with some rules when it came to my favourite coffee shop.

Not Chai But Looks Yummy

I am so in love with a Non-Fat Chai Latte, in the wonderful words of my BFF B its "Christmas in a cup".  I would drink these every day, three times a day anytime of the year if I could.  I enjoy the taste so much that I have switched my home tea solely to bags of Chai.  Since I would spend the 4.58 everyday Mr. N and I came up with some rules as to when I can buy one

Rule #1. On pay day, a treat for working the two weeks.

Rule #2. When I have to work on a weekend, treat for giving up sleeping in.

Rule #3.  When driving out of the city for half and hour or more, to stop me from falling sleep as I love to do as  soon as the car is in motion.

Rule #4. Meeting friends for coffee, which by the way friends we so don't do enough.

I am trying to avoid the scrumptious baked goods, but how I love a pumpkin scone to go with my latte.

I do find that these rules help with my less spendy and but expandy self, even thought i often dream of white cups topped with foam.

Have some joy in a cup for me.

Love Kaydee

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  1. I totally agree! It's hard not to want those all the time, they're my weakness too. However, I will trade the pumpkin scone for one of those gingerbread cookies haha. Looking forward to our Chapter's night! (aka Starbucks night haha)