Monday, December 6, 2010

Mondayitis Cure: Fresh Pomegranate

There is nothing better than fresh local in season fruit, I look forward to the pomegranate season every year.  These little beauties are pretty expensive off season, but I was able to pick up some for 99 cents each this week.  Most people avoid buying pomegranates because they are unsure of how to de-seed them without making a huge red stained mess.  Once you learn this skill, you will be popping these tart seeds into your mouth all season.

Start off with cutting an X into the top, wiggle the knife a little to loosen it a little.

Using your hand crack open the fruit pulling each quarter away from the others.

I like to pop the seeds out in a bowl of room temp water since the seeds sink and the rinds float.  I also find this help me from making a huge mess, since when I am in the kitchen its normally a tornado of a mess.

Pomegranates are considered one of the super foods, but I love them for their simple fresh taste.  One of my 2010 goals was to eat more fruits and veggies, I think I will need to keep veggies as a 2011 goal!!!

I think a bottle of wine would go perfect with tonight snack.

Happy Snacking, and Happy Monday!!

Love Kaydee

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  1. Or you can just go to Costco and buy pomegranate seeds sans rind completely. A co-worker turned me on to this and I ate my first big container of pomegranate seeds this way just a few days ago.