About Me:

I'm a 27yr old girl from London,On Canada.  Having always lived walking distance from our downtown I have always considered myself a city girl.  If you haven't noticed I consider myself to be a girl not a woman, I'm not sure when that moment happens but I know i haven't hit it yet.  I married the wonderful Mr. N  inJune 2010, feeling pretty, in love but definitely not a grown up.  Working in the medical field for the past five years, and at the good old Micky D's in high school, I'm for sure a people person.  I love simple things in life, a new book, chai latte, my couch and my pets Bella and Oreo.

I feel as though I have never learned to be an adult, sure I drive and love a glass of wine, but when under the weather I still want my Mommy. 
I lack certain skills, like how to make a nice bed, put away laundry, do finances and remember plans.  These are all thing I picture grown ups being really good at.
What I am good at is shopping, trying new things, reading really fast and talking, oh I am great at talking.

This is a lifestyle blog, about well my lifestyle.  Everything I like, love and dislike (my mom always said hate is a harsh word).  I'm hoping to start the journey towards being a grown women, but with the heart of a grown girl!

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Love Kaydee