Monday, March 7, 2011

Why We Chose To Rent there was a time when all our friends were buying that I was obsessed with MLS and open houses, but buying a house ended up not being for us right now and it turns out that I'm super glad.  So your saying hey crazy girls its always a good idea to buy real estate, and equity wise absolutely your right.  But here are our reasons its just not for right now.

We are house people, not condo people so keep that in mind

-we are not ready for grass, leaves, roofs and plumbing, basically we are more sign the cheque kind of people as opposed to fix it people.  When we do find a house I want to decorate it not renovate it.
-we love living downtown, its the kind of lifestyle we want to live, and the houses we like downtown are way out of our ever gunna happen budget.  I never want to be "house poor", I would rather travel then have the perfect kitchen or bathtub at this point in my life.
-land taxes suck, that money need to go toward debt and lip gloss in that order.
-I can hardly remember to put out the garbage, so garbage day would pass us buy and our bags would stack way above the three or four a single house is allowed to toss.
-did I mention I do not fix anything, I don't even change light bulbs, why do that when I have two men living under my roof.

Quite simply we are just not ready at this point in our lives, and we love love love our rental.  Buying a house is a major responsibility, one that I hope to one day make.  But I no longer feel like I am missing the boat, we are just on a different boat aiming to get on a ship or yacht. 

My dwelling make me happy, and if that ever stops I can just give two months notice and find somewhere new to dwell.

Love Kaydee

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  1. Three or four you people in London have it easy we are allowed to put out ONE and only ONE! The only exception if you have more then two children under the age of three then you are allowed more!