Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pancake Tuesday

Whether your religious or not eating pancakes for dinner is just simply fun.  El and I decided to switch it up and have potato pancakes along with my regular just add water Betty Crocker's.

I used my Cuisinart Griddler, one of my favourite appliances to fry our "cakes".  I've cook steak, panini's and of course breakfast on it. 

 Most people clean as they cook, I don't.  I took some pictures to show you what happens to my tiny kitchen when I decided to try something more difficult than Kraft Dinner. 

Two dishwasher loads later (still a couple in the sink), the kitchen is my version of clean.  I'm not sure if there is a cure for my cleanititis, I'm up for suggestions.

The pancakes were delish, and to make up for the bad dinner we went to a Zumba class at my gym.  Although I think calories in were definitely higher than calories burned.

Love Kaydee

P.S. doesn't Bella look hopeful for a dropped pancake

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