Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Time Is 9:30

On weekend mornings I like to wake up around 9:30 (yumm no awful, blaring, jarring alarm) and putt around the house.  No one else is up, not even my dog, I can make myself a tea and just relax.  I look forward to this time all week long, some weeks the thought even gets me though work.  I can read, play with makeup or work on a post without any interruptions or plans. 

I understand why mom's get up at the crack of dawn just for an hour to themselves, me time is very important.  Mr.N is a nigh owl so his time is after I go to bed, he can play video games and guitar without my nagging voice piercing into his head (not a fan of shooter games, yuck).  This is the time I can plan the day, try something new with my hair or just sit and do nothing.  This is why I want to win the lottery, quit work and become the lady of leisure I know I am meant to be.

So for the next half hour I am going to sit at my computer, drink my tea and enjoy my own company.  Some would be surprised to know that I like an hour or so of quiet to myself (I'm a talker), but I really relish in it.  Maybe when I have kids I'll be getting up at the crack of dawn for some me time, but my kids will sleep in right??

Hope you have a time to enjoy being with just you, my time is at 9:30am...

Love Kaydee

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