Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do You Shop For Quality Or Quantity?

I'm sure quality or quantity is an age old question, or at least that sounds good.  But this question can be for apparel, food or even hygiene products.  Are you a sucker for a sale no matter the brand, or do you stick to what you love no matter the price? 

I feeling like I'm a sucker for both the sale and the brand, so really just a sucker.  An silly example of this is that the other day I stood in RW and Co ready to buy a shirt that was only $4.95.  To be honest this shirt was green, metallic and well ugly, but it was cheep.  I almost bought this shirt trying to justify places I could wear it just because of the sale.  Sing so for the sake of a deal I could currently be wearing a shiny metallic green button down, which by the way was really itchy.

There are some items I will always buy no matter what the price, but they are always food.  Heinz ketchup, Kraft peanut butter and Philadelphia cream cheese to name a few.  I will buy no name brick cheese, but only certain no names I feel very strong about my cheese.

I'm starting to wonder if when it come to clothing I should go for a few quality pieces instead of lots and lots of clothing.  I feel in love with dress at Aritzia and black pumps from Nine West, grand total of 280 before taxes.  Now do I save up for these two quality items or do I trying to get more bang for my buck.  I know everyone is going to say get more or spend less, I know the right answer.  I think I'm going to go quality with the shoes and try to find cheaper dresses.

P.S. when it comes to hygiene please go for quality!

Love Kaydee

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  1. I shop for both, but in different ways. If it's something trendy that's likely to be out of style within a year or two, I'll buy something cheap. If it's something that I'm expecting to last a few years, I'll spend more (shoes, for example, or good jeans).

    What I'll say is watch for sales at Aritzia, you can get a lot for your money if you find them (I just got an amazing dress for $30 there a couple of weeks ago). Also, there's nothing wrong with saving up for something that you really love.