Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Is My Issue With Change

It took me a very long time to admit that I just simply hate change, I even hate the time change with a strong passion.  But lets be honest who like to force their bodies to wake up an hour earlier than they were the day or week before. 

Something that El said at work today really made me think, my hatred of change is affection my ability to be fashionable or trendy.  It takes me a while to like a new trend and El happily pointed out many examples of this.  I have sworn that I would never wear: jeggings, bubble skirts, Uggs, patterned tights which are all items have have and do enjoyed wearing.  Because of my reluctance to change I miss the boat on alot of trends, the waist belt I have never bought in fear of them going out of style.  If I had bought a nice classic one three years ago, I would still be cinching my clothing today.  Although I want to collect classic pieces that I can wear for a minimum of five years, I shouldn't be afraid to trying new things.

Everyone is saying that the Flatform is going to be the shoe of spring, at first glance I hated them but maybe I should give them a try.  They would make me taller, and should be much more comfy then walking in sky high heals.  Plus they match the nautical looks that is so hot now.  Are these going to be the shoe I hate this year, but the one I am fawning over next year.  One of my new goals is to try more on, you never know what looks good until you have it on.  Also take pictures of yourself before you rip those tags off, what looked good in the store may not look so good on film or a regular mirror.  

I'm sure I could use therapy for my issues with change, until then I will just try on the shoes.

Love Kaydee

P.S. do you love or hate the shoe?