Saturday, March 12, 2011

Make Your Own Pore Strips

One of my daily go to blogs is BeautyGeeks, and while searching I found this video:

I decided to give this a try for myself, but since I didn't have unflavoured jello in my cupboard I used strawberry.  Once I had the goo on I started worrying that my nose would be stained red (much Koolaid dyed hair as a child) but I was happily surprised that my nose remains a nice skin tone.  This really does work and my skin feels fantastic, I'm thinking about using it as an all over mask.  One hint is make sure you paint it on really thick to help with a nice peal off.  I did mine too thin and I didn't get to see all the dirt that was removed, which is so the fun/gross part, although I sure can feel it.

I love a good homemade remedy to save some of my precious spending money.

Love Kaydee


  1. So cool! Jesse is at the grocery store right now picking me up some gelatin! Can't wait to try, thanks so much for posting this!

  2. I tried this on my entire face, forgetting about all the peach fuzz on our cheeks. It killed pealing off, so I don't recommend using it for any body part other than your nose!

  3. Wow. I am totally going to try this out.