Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nautical Tee's and Dinner

As I said yesterday Nautical's are a huge look for spring, one I wanted to try out.  But I wasn't willing to drop big cash on horizontal stripes.  How many times have we been told to avoid them, since they make us look wider and well fat.  I found the perfect fix for this dilemma, Joe Fresh clothing found at Lablaws, who doesn't love getting dinner and a new top in one trip.

I picked up this gray striped top for a cool 16 dollars, I chose gray since most of my wardrobe has a black base.  I find navy blue a hard colour to match other pieces to since I never wear it.  I chose a tighter top, the loose billowy look is more for skinny tall girls in my opinion.  I'm excited to wear this outfit on a nice crisp spring day.

What would make it absolutely perfect is a black trench with a hood, but a girl can only dream!!

Love Kaydee

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