Saturday, March 19, 2011

PVR: The Marriage Saver

Well maybe not the marriage saver, and Mr.N pointed out that's a little bit extreme but it definitely help make ours work.  I love T.V. the 8-10pm slot is a huge part of my day, I look forward to my shows every night.  Mr.N loves hockey, the Maple Leafs more specifically and if you aren't aware for at least 7 months of the year they play on average of three games a week.  Each game last 3 hours of prime time T.V. watching, and according to all men it must be watched live for full enjoyment.

When we decided to cohabitate I insisted on having a PVR (digital video recorder), and have never looked back since.  It really is a life saver I always know what is happening on Grey's and Mr.N doesn't miss the 72 instant replays sports media insists on showing.  My mom once gave my Dad an anniversary card that said "the secret to our marriage is separate T.V's".  This was before the PVR, which is so much cheaper than a second flat screen (Mr.N will only buy the best most newest gadgets).

The PVR saves us a fight, so we can save it for who's turn it is for the dishwasher or who cleaned the bunnies cage last.  Anytime you eliminate a chance to fight you help make your marriage that much stronger.

Plus I can save my shows for a cloudy gross Saturday afternoon.

Love Kaydee

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