Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Credit Card

I'm a firm believer from personal experience that all credit cards cause a slippery slope to debt and impulse buying.  There really is nothing more fun than saying charge it in a really nice boutique.  But there are as many reasons to have a credit card as there are not too.

The Good:
-Needed to book a hotel, in case you have a rock star night a destroy everything
-To book an airline ticket, can you book not on-line anymore?
-Part of your emergence response team, your furnace might explode or you car might implode into expensive bills.
-Helps build good credit, if used right

The Bad:
-Shouldn't spend it if you don't have it
-Paying the protector fee that I can tell you from personal experience did NOT protect us
-It is way more tempting to buy cool needless stuff when you can just pay it later.

Hope you are all enjoying some responsible but fun Holiday shopping this season, but please keep the bad in mind when whipping out that plastic.

Love Kaydee

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