Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nail Art: Candycane Marbling

El introduced me to nail marbling a few months back, its a bit tricky but the results are pretty cool.  I've decided that I am going to have "Christmas" nails for the month of December, this is look number one.

I like to start off by painting a base coat of the lightest colour, in case any spots are missed while marbling.  Then I coat my fingers, except the nail in Vaseline for easy cleanup.

Using a Dixie cup (i ran out and used a pot I made) filled with cold water (filtered is best), I let alternating colour drops of nail polish fall into the water creating rings.

Then using a tooth pick I swirl the polish into a pattern that I like.

Next you dip your finger into spot that I think will make the best design and pull out with the nail facing up, pulling the polish onto the nail.  This is what creates the marble effect.

Clean up is easy, since my fingers were Vaselined,

DS Coronation, Alpine Snow, High Roller

Here is the final product, I'm pretty happy with the results!!  I like symmetry so I wish I could get every finger the same, but that is never going to happen.

Happy Marbling!!!

Love Kaydee


  1. LOVE IT! What a great effect!

    I know what you mean about liking symmetry, but the fact that every nail is different creates unison in its own right!

    Good job! :)

  2. Wow! That's really cool. Just one question... is the cup/bowl covered in nail polish afterwords?

  3. That one is pottery so nail polish remover take it off, but a plastic dixie cup works best but I had run out :(

  4. This is awesome - so creative!
    - Catherine at The Spring

  5. Wow! I've never seen that before - it looks great! The whole idea of the vaseline coating is really smart.