Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Breakingish News: Tim's has Debit!!!

Canada's favourite coffee shop begins the use of debit machines (at least in London).  No more digging to the bottom of your purse or in the ash tray of your cars for loose change, now you can just swipe for your morning Tim's.  Only a true Canadian knows the value of this break through, even me who doesn't drink coffee is excited (love the cheese bagels and Chai tea).

mmm Morning Goodness

My only problem is that this is going to test my will power skills, part of trying to be a grown girl is to spend less needless money.  So I have been bringing food from home, which is boring when I work downtown with so many foodie options.  This is going to test my commitment to being a better, less spendy self, damn you donuts, damn you....

Enjoy your now electronic Tim's

Love Kaydee


  1. BOOOOOO! There should be a debit limit. Like you can only use it for $20 or more. Now people are going to be using there debit for things under $ terrible is that!!!

    I say Boo to debit at Tim's!

  2. Just think how much that coffee will cost when you start paying your bank's internet overage fee. Now that I think about it, maybe its the banks that came up with this scheme.