Monday, December 13, 2010

Mondayitis: Costco

I'm one of those lucky people that loves to hang out with their Mom, so when she asked me to take her to Costco of course I said yes.  Its freezing cold outside, wet chilled to the bone kind of  cold so I'm not sure I'm cured of my Itis but its a start.

I love Costco for many reasons, first is the $1.99 hot dog and pop deal, so cheep, bad and yummy.  Next is who doesn't love free a sample, you never know what you are going to discover.  And who doesn't love buying in bulk, I so need that much toilet paper at once.

I do have a few Costco rules though, never spend more than 150 dollars in one trip.  I try to avoid buying food, cause of my limited cabinet and fridge space.  Nothing I haven't tried before (samples are trying), you would hate to have something in bulk that you hate.

My Mom and I like to go down every isle touching everything as we go by, this drives Mr. N nuts.  We always have fun together, especially in bulk.

I know this is a weak Mondayitis, but its so cold outside I really just want to be on my couch watching mindless T.V.  Hopefully next week I will be more inspired to cure my Itis!!

Love Kaydee

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