Friday, December 10, 2010

Book Club: Sookie Stackhouse Series

I love a good series, when I'm done reading a book I am always sad to say goodbye to my new found friends!! I love that a series lets me keep in touch over time.

I think Charlaine Harris writes one of the best series starting with Dead Until Dark and ending hopefully not any time soon.  Most of you have probably already heard of the T.V. series True Blood, well its based on theses books.  Although there are some HUGE differences between the two, which makes it all the better.  The show is dark, sexy almost slutty at times, while the books are dark in more of a quirky way, still sexy but not so over the top.  Since the show is only loosely based on the books I am able to enjoy each one separately as its own entity.

Sookie is no ordinary human, she is a telepath who can read the minds of anyone around her, well almost anyone.  She cannot read vampires, who have just "come out of the coffin" and have mainstreamed into society.  This seams pretty far fetched, but Harris has the amazing ability to make it believable, as though its true and we just haven't figured it out yet.  The characters are well develop and lovable, with a few well placed icky ones though out.  These books are full of love stories, tasteful smut and lots of actions, they will keep you on your toes.

I can say without a doubt that theses are some of my favourite books, the only thing I wish is that I wouldn't read them so fast. Can't wait to book 11 to come out in 2011.

Happy reading

Love Kaydee 


  1. Hey! Im on book #5 of this series - sooo good! Lets hope Ms Harris keeps em coming, because Im going to be done soon as this rate.
    Also, can't wait for the new season of the show. Tres sexy!
    - Meredith

  2. Hey it's Kaela. I LOVE these books. I have them all expect the last one on audio-book and the reader is really good at characterizing with her voice. The most recent book I bought in hardcover because I couldn't wait for it to come out in audio-book (it's available now by the way).

    You're so right about the books vs. the tv series too.

    Enjoy. The get better and better!

  3. I love these books, but have you read book 10 yet? I was pretty disappointed, to be honest. It felt like she just rushed through it to put out a book because they're selling so well. Hopefully 11 will be better.

  4. It def was not her best, but I'm team Eric so I got some pretty good visuals out of it lol