Friday, February 4, 2011

Where Is The Hand Book?

Why is it that life doesn't come with a hand book, where is "Are you there god, its me Margaret" for grown ups.  Why hasn't someone realized that some of us have a slower learning curve and its harder for us.  Is it that some people are just natural at life, while the rest of us are flailing our way through it. 

I'm having one of those days that I feel like I have to learn every lesson the hard way.  I'm feeling over whelmed with the tasks of everyday life, from finances, to cleaning, to feeling like a bad friend.  I'm wishing someone would set out rules for me and I could follow them.  You know its a bad day when work seemed easier then being at home.

I find having a three story house overwhelming, like it is a never ending cycle of cleaning and picking up.  I found it so overwhelming that it was just easier to not do anything.  If I just stayed on the couch and ignored everything it would all go away.  Now I know there are no fairies or elves that are going to come and do all the work for me.  I know that ignoring everything is not the answer, but sometimes it just feels so right.  I know its not fair to those around me when I get in one of these funks, but its hard to jump over those mental hurdles.

I have decided to clean just one thing a day, I can handle one thing a day that's not too much.  Not the everyday stuff, but the extra stuff like bathrooms and dusting.  And to my surprise I ended up doing two things today, both the tub and the shower.  I feel like that a good start...

I still wish that there was a book telling me what to do, so when I feel overwhelmed I can use it as a reference guide.  Maybe this book will have pop out Xanax for those really bad days, would I be rich if I wrote such a book?

Well at least my shower is milldew free... for now

Love Kaydee


  1. There is so a fairy. Her name is Joyce.

  2. I would love to have Joyce (the best cleaning lady around!!) Every Wednesday I envy you and Mom!!

  3. I really like your idea to clean just one thing a day. I think it'll help me get away for a huge all day clean once a week, which I find overwhelming. So even on your "off" days you still give great advice. Thanks!

  4. Check out might be a good place for you to discover your own handbook (with some pages already laid out for you).