Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nail Art: Swipes and Paws

I was at home all day yesterday fighting the beginning of a bad cold, and got extremely bored.  So after much sleeping and movie watching I decided to try something new with my nail.  Using a fan brush I painted on random swipes over the bottom of my nails.  I kinda stole this design from Daily Nail again, I never claimed to be an original.  Looking at the picture my cuticles are a mess, between winter and washing my hands a million times a day at work, they need help. 

 I used my new China Glaze pelican gray for the base and for the swipes I used OPI Ski teal we drop and China glazes Seduce me.  These are two of my go to colours, I love rich jewel tones I find they really suit my pale skin. 

As the day wore on I got even more bored so I started to play with Bella, which is when I noticed that her nail needed to be trimmed.  Which made me want to paint them (Peta don't hate me), I used a Sally Hansen quick dry in pink.  I think she looks pretty, Mr.N hates it and thinks I'm crazy!

I think Bella is walking proud today with her pink toes!

Love Kaydee


  1. Bella looks *gorgeous* dahling. Silly N should appreciate the pretty girls around his house. By the way, may first mag arrived. Yay! Thanks so much.