Friday, February 18, 2011

Check Dinner Party Off My List...

Last night I had a dinner party for El's Birthday, nothing big just Chili, wine and YouTube.  I was super stressed all day worried that I might be a disastrous host.  It turned out that I really enjoyed myself and I think my guest had fun too.

want the rug
I make a great chili and I know this since I am super picky, my secrets are my mothers just add some ketchup and small apple pieces.  They make it sweet, which cause the spice to stand out more without burning you tongue.  I even clean up as I went along, although El helps me tidy before our other guests got there (seems like she is always cleaning my house).  For desert I picked up six different cupcakes for RazzleDazzle in London, I'm not a huge cake eater (unless its there), but these are truly desert gems.

I got so caught up in the party I forgot to take pictures for this post, I know I'm a very bad blogger.  I'm so happy to cross my fist thing of my mist, only 49 more to do!!

I'm going to add learn to knit to my list, I have always wanted to make cozy socks for myself.  I'm going to start with something more simple like a scarf loop, in a thin grey cashmereish wool.

I promise not to forget to take pictures of that

Love Kaydee

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  1. Learn to knit? I'm your girl! By the way, you've probably seen this post, but if not I bet you'll like it...,0,23