Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Being A Grown Up Sucks: Groceries

I hate spending money on food, as much as I love to eat there are so many things I would rather buy than an onion.  As I stand at the counter watching the dollars on the till move up and up I almost want to cry.  We worked so hard for that money and it will literally end up going down the toilet eventually.  As gross as it sounds standing at the checkout I could see flushing flash before my eyes.

I try to keep a modest grocery budget of 100 dollars a week, but with a husband who eats with the abandon or a teen aged boy that's hard to do.  I also like fresh foods, which means making more than one trip a week.  Does it bug anyone else that to eat healthy you have to spend more money, its like the world wants us to eat frozen pizza and Cheetos for dinner.  I know that this is a huge rant, but I felt very frustrated tonight while at the check out.  Value mart does not give me the same joy as a meal at a nice restaurant.  Definitly not the same joy I get from buying a new shirt or lip gloss!

Really when you think about it eating cause half of our work.  You have to actually work to buy the food, then shop for the food, then cook the food, then clean after and then eventually clean your bathroom.  Think about all the work you could skip if you didn't have to eat.

Meal planning absolutely takes a lot of the pressure off, but I find with Mr.N's erratic work schedule even that is hard to do.  I'm not one to cook a meal for myself, I'm happy eating toast and cheese or a bowl of pasta with butter and salt.  I've been known to eat popcorn for dinner out of lazy uninspiration.  One desperate day I even e-mail Rachael Ray to do a segment on cooking for one, I received no reply and no segment :(

Wish I had bought shoes today instead of red peppers..

Love Kaydee

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  1. I can sooooo sympathize with you here, but at the same time, I found my soulution : Jesse. He is the grocery buyer, because if grocery shopping was left up to me all i'd buy is Mr. Noodles and popcorn and juice from concentrate.
    He buys the groceries and makes the dinner... so I dont really have the same issues... but I'd rather have a couple pairs of flats and a flat tummy than a round one and no new shoes :)