Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Confession: I'm A Gleek

Lets start off with saying that I LOVE musicals, I wish we broke out in song though out our day to show how we are feeling.  I also love Camp, by that I mean cheesy, over the top, theatrical entertainment.  Therefor Glee fulfills all my happy needs, I look forward to Tuesdays nights all week.  I look forward to a good Rachael Berry storm out, and a new Journey rendition.  But my favourite part of the show is a song mashup, which is when they sing two songs at the same time.  I have always love old and new mixed together in many things, furniture, clothing and now song. 

I'm so obsessed with the show that when Sephora came out with an OPI line of polish for Glee I had to have one.  Maybe I need a polish intervention, but when El pulled two out of her purse at her Bday dinner I was over the moon.  We had her friend pick which polish we got while our eyes were closed, and I ended up with Mashup and couldn't be happier.  My camera does not pick up the opalescent of the metal gray, but it reflects pink and green in different light.  I'm not impressed with the application, it took three coats and is bumpy in parts.  But that could be due to my need of practice applying metallic Polish.

Greys Anatomy needs to come out with a line, I would be all over that!!

Love Kaydee

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