Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Joined The Gym...Again...

.........but this time for the right reasons.

In the past I have joined to get skinny, because my friends have or to troll for cute boys.  This time I joined for my health!  I have a bad back with some annoying soft tissue damage that really can cause me some issues.  Its annoying because there isn't much to be done about it, other than go for massage and strengthen my muscles.  I was skipping the strengthen the muscles part, being a very happy couch potato. 

I heard a co-worker say to a patient one day "you have to be responsible for your own health care", and that really stuck with me.  If I want to be active and quite frankly, upright for my whole long life I need to have strong muscles.  Now I just started yesterday, but I feel fantastic I forgot about the endorphins that you get after being active.  Mr.N is going to help me with weights (he is into weight training, big muscles and such) and I am going to do at least one cardio class a week.  I rode the stationary bike for 1/2 and hour tonight and watched T.V.,and surprise enjoyed it.  Plus I think its good for me to get out of the house more often, being the happy little hermit I am.

I really hope that since I am doing this for my health I can stick with it, maybe I will get under the three hour mark for walking a half marathon this summer because of it?  I want to be able to play and have fun for my entire life, which mean taking care of the only body I have. 

Must go drink more water, I'm a very thirsty girl!

Love Kaydee

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