Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Don't Hold Your Pee

I am always being made fun of for how much I pee, its rare that I make it though a movie without going.  Plus with working in the medical service, we always put our patients before our pee.  So I decided to research whether holding your pee has an repercussions.  I found very few articles in this subject, clearly not as many people have an issue holding it as I thought. 

Ok so using this article here is the info I got,

You body uses your urine to clean out your urinary tracts, if you don't pee often enough bacteria can build up and cause infections.  Now if you haven't ever had a UTI consider yourself lucky, they are the worst thing imaginable.  I personally think that prisoners who miss behave should be given UTI instead of solitary confinement.  You would have the most mild manned jail in the world. 

You can also cause your bladder muscles to misbehave.  Keeping the sphincter tight all the time will make it hard to relax in the future.  So when you do go pee you wont be able to fully empty your bladder causing more trips to the bathroom.

So when you have to tinkle, make that trip to the bathroom no matter how busy you are.

Love Kaydee

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