Thursday, February 24, 2011

What Could You Donate, Who Would You Help?

As I have said before I love to shop, which means I have lots of clothing... more than I can ever wear.  Plus being as I'm not getting any younger my body has also changed and clothing that looked on me good at 22 are wretched at 27.  While I was trying to battle my ever growing mound of laundry I noticed that I didn't have enough hangers for the clothing I actually like to wear.  This was the catalysis for a ruthless clothing purge, three garbage bags of mine (kitchen size, but still) and one of Mr.N's.  If it didn't fit anymore it went, if its slightly out of style it went, this was done with no emotion.  I promptly tied the bags close so that I couldn't run back to my old clothing with regret.

I'm going to take my old clothing to my local women shelter, maybe it can help someone with starting her new life.  Mr.N's is going to salvation army, I've given him a week to go though it to save anything, he hasn't batted an eye so out it goes.  I feel great about this for two reasons, helping people should always feel good plus I now have room for more stuff!!

I have always want to donate my hair to Locks of Love, but can't because its too thin to grow that long and my grays must be dyed regularly.  I really want to make more time in my life for charity and helping others.

If anyone has any good charity ideas let me know, maybe I can help.  Please donate to others who are in need, even something small can make a big difference in someones life.

Love Kaydee

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  1. A women's shelter is great; I donate my more professional clothing to women's shelters as co-worked has a sister who works at one. I donate my everyday clothes to lower income area highschools. In Hamilton the highschools that are in lower income areas have a free clothing room where kids who can't afford clothes can go in and get some used clothes that are age appropriate for free! I love this idea as if donating to salavation army or value village the stores make a profit where as donate to shelters or schools the items go to those that truley need them get them for free. I purge my clothes every six months and if I have dresses give them in around prom time so that girls who couldn't afford a dress are able to get one and look great for one night!