Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Grown Up Hot Chocolate

With the huge impending storm outside El and I decided to have a winter feast with a delicious desert.  So after our huge helpings of meat loaf, mash potatoes and green beans we each made hot cocoa our way with a little twist.

I like to make mine in a pot with equal parts milk and water and lots of hot chocolate powder.  El likes to mix the powder with her milk and add boiling water from the kettle.  I think you always like the way you had it growing up, but the one think we agreed on was the twist, our cocoa needed booze.  We made a special trip to the liquor store to pick out some cream liquors.  I had really wanted to try a Chai liquor but it was discontinued, so I settled with Banana Chocolate and a vanilla cream cooler.

This was the perfect desert for a cold winter day, so perfect that we each had two.  I'm sure if our bellies could have taken it we would have had three.

Hope everyone in my area stays safe and warm during the blizzard, maybe make some grown up hot chocolate of your own

Love Kaydee

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