Monday, February 21, 2011

I Love A Sequin!

Last night I went out for El's Birthday, it was so nice to have a relaxing dinner with just girls.  I actually wavered on going for the sake of saving money, but Mr.N said "you need to spend time with your friends" (winter hermit am I).  We went to one of my favourite restaurants in London, On Cello Super Club, its swanky, sexy and has great food.  Plus right now they have Cellolicious on, which is a three course meal for twenty nine dollars.  Even better last night was five dollar martinis, and they garnish them with candy (I love accessories).

It really was a great night, I love El's friends which made the conversation easy and fun.  Plus this gave me a great reason to dress up.  I tried something new last night, patterned tights, and I loved the results.  Although I did snag my new tights on the table, but they were on sale for five dollars at The Bay so easily replaced on my budget.

I also used this occasion to wear one of my favourite trends SEQUINS.  I freaking love sequins, I don't know if it is my dancer-figure skater past but I can't get enough of them.  I look for them in T-shirts, I covet many a black sequin mini and want a winter hat with them sprinkled all over.

I felt so great last night, I'm wondering if I can fit more sequin and patterned tights into my every day life?  I'll post pictures from our night out when El's send them to me.

Wear what makes you feel pretty, you'll feel like you dropped ten pounds.

Love Kaydee

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  1. Super cute post Kaydee. Sequins day or evening are so much fun, although now in the Australian sun I'd risk blinding the public if I wore them before 7pm! Thanks for your sweet comment on The Spring!
    x Catherine