Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's My Turn To Pay It Forward....

I had the most incredible thing happen today at work, something that truly made this a great day...

It all started yesterday very early in the morning, I was compliment a patient on her boots, well actually her fake Uggs.  They were grey Bailey Button knock offs and looked super cute with her outfit.  She told me that she got them at Giant Tiger for ten bucks, we continued to talk about what a great deal that was.  At the end of our conversation she said that she was going back there tonight and would pick me up a pair.  I said to call is she got them so I could make sure that I had cash on me (I'm more of a plastic kinda girl), so I could pay her for the boots.  Well low and behold she showed up today with the boots, but said that they were her treat.  How nice is that right, what make it even nicer is that I am virtually a stranger to this women having only met her four or five times.  She used her time and money just to do something nice for me, and I don't think she will ever know what that means to me.  As a society we are not givers to strangers, I like my shirts I would probably not give it to you off my back.  She showed that some people are just kind for the sake of being kind. 

A Friend of mine and her husband has just decided to split up when someone paid it forward to her in a huge way.  This was someone who had been helped before when needed and wanted to pass it along.  My friend was given around 250 dollars and grocery and gas gift certificates with a card that says you'll know when you meet someone who you can pay this gift forward too.  My friend was starting a new life with very little, and knowing that she had someone like that meant the world to her.  When she was telling me the story today I could see in her eyes what it meant to her and that she has every intention of finding someone in her life time to give a similar gift too.

What struck me about my gift today is the fact that I am just someone who gave this women a service, she met me four or five times for around ten minutes each time.  I know that one day I will run into a stranger who's day I can make a little bit better with a small treat .  Do you get the same banker each time you go in, or that girl at the coffee shop who looks like she has a lot on her mind.  Is there someone, somewhere that's day could be brightened up with a small gesture, a small token that says hey your great and I can tell even from that small amount of time I have known you.

Every time I wear my new brown boots I am going to have a spring in my step knowing that someone felt that way about me!

Love Kaydee


  1. What a great story. An unexpected gesture or compliment can go such a long way.

  2. That was a really moving story. It's so nice to know that people still try to do things like that :)

  3. Wow. That is really inspiring and makes me smile.