Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's The Little Things....

If your haven't already figured it out Valentines Day is tomorrow, and I'm sure there are some couples out there feeling the pressure.  But here is the thing, this really should be a pressure free holiday.  Sure big grand gestures are nice and all, but its the little things in life we tend to remember.

So instead of that 200 dollar rose bouquet, how about a box of her favourite candy and a home cooked dinner.  I would love a bag of Swedish Berries and any meal I didn't have cook, plan or clean up after.  If she has an addiction like chap stick or gum, stock her up.  All you need to do is look in her purse when she is out of the room and see what her go to brand is.

One thing not to forget is a card, a lot of girls keep these thought the years to look back on when your both old and gray.  Tell her how much you love her and give an example why.. ie  I love you cause you snort when you laugh or your cheeks go red when your trying to hide something.  This tells her that you notice the little things about her.

It doesn't take much to make someone feel special, and of course this should be done all year around.  Even if you think that Valentines is a Hallmark made up Holiday, unless you really are getting her treats and flowers just because you need it.  What I think it does is reminds us to cherish those around us, for instance I made Mr. N and our roommate J heart shaped pancakes this morning.  Now they both feel loved and cared for!!

Take the time out of your day tomorrow and make someone feel special!!

Love Kaydee

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