Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Beginning

Happy New Year My Friends.

I love any reason to celebrate and New Years is no exception, plus its a good excuse to wear sequins from head to toe.  We kept it low key this year, just a few bottle of wine and some great friends.  The best part was standing outside my house and being able to see the fireworks the city put on in the park (I love London).

Our Bounty

Having a Good Time

I am so blessed to have the best friends and family in the world, thank you to each one of you for making me who I am and what my life is.  I look forward to every minute I get to spend with each one of you in 2011.

Mr.N thank you for being my rock, my partner and my sweetheart, you put all those romantic comedies I love to shame.

My New Years resolution will always be the same, to try new things!!  Last year I got married (that was new), went camping as an adult (might be a one time only) and went white water rafting in the Ottawa river.  Plus I started this blog, which I love to do.

I'm excited to learn ad grow as a blogger, to update and continue some paths I am already on.  I would like to thank everyone who has read even one post, I get giddy when I check my daily stats and the numbers grow.  I would like to improve my spelling and grammar and continue to have my content expand.  2011 will be the year of the blog, and it is going to be so much fun.

Thank you for being apart of my life...

Love Kaydee

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  1. Happy New Year Sweetheart. Can't wait to see what 2011 brings.