Saturday, January 8, 2011

DIY: Lip Scrub

OK, so while wasting time trying to figure out what the hell people are talking about on twitter I came across a "tweet" from Rachael Zoe which lead me to this article on her web site.  So then I followed that up with going to the actual web site for said lip scrub  While reading the site it was mentioned that she made this 24 dollar scrub in her very own kitchen.

So I said to my self, self you could do that too, with stuff you already have and save the 24 dollars for things you can't make like air planes and shoes.  As any normal person would do I started off with googling how to make your own lip scrub.  What I learned is that most use sugar as the actual excellent, so again I said self what can I mix the sugar into.  I have a huge tub of no name Vaseline, and yes I know petroleum jelly is supposed to be one of the baddies for you as said here, but I like it for my lips.

not pretty, but works

 I mixed three table spoons of white and three table spoons of brown sugar, a huge glop of Vaseline and a small amount of vanilla extract together.  I did have to nuke the jelly for about 20sec to soften it up for mixing, once mixed I had my very own almost free lip scrub.  

It works great!  Using my fingers I rubbed it into my lips, and rubbed my lips together (it tastes like cookies) then I used warm water to melt the sugar off my lips leaving me with a smooth Vaseliney finish.  I am always getting skin strings on my lips, which makes lipstick look chunky and gross I'm hoping this "product" will help.  Now please keep in mind I am not a scientist or a doctor and if you make this at home its at your own risk.  If you are allergic to any of the above ingredients, be smart don't make it.

I like it, works for me and wasn't a ridiculous 24 dollars for a tiny jar

Love Kaydee


  1. Yum. Good idea. Let me know if you run across any home recipes for deep hair conditioning. I've been thinking about that after looking at the product prices at Shoppers.

  2. Also, do you think you'll keep this in the fridge or just out on the counter?

  3. so far the counter, isn't sugar a preservative lol?

  4. I have done that before. It works well. I will also exfoliate my lips once a week when I do my face. So if you already use and have an exfoliant at home, that works well on your lips too! :)