Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cake Balls Almost Fail

I was playing around on the Internet Monday night and discovered my new favourite blog  El and I were amazed by her cake balls and pops so we decided to try the endeavor on our own.  We chose cherry chip as our cake, which is where we think we went wrong.  Red velvet would have been a much better choice being as it is less sweet and rich.  I think they turned out adorable, and will try them again to perfect the method.  Click here to see how Bakerella makes her cake balls.

dipped in melted chocolate
our cake
crumbled cake and icing

making balls

 Not going to lie, these didn't turn out as good as we thought they would.  Being to sweet and more bumpy than we would have liked. El is a perfectionist and is currently plotting how we can vastly improve. But since I am NOT a baker, and they aren't inedible I'm pleased  .  But I wont quit my day job any time soon.

Need to go run of my sugar rush

Love Kaydee


  1. Ha Ha, That is exactley what happened to me when I tried to make it the first time! There hasnt been a second time as of yet!! Way to sweet!

  2. Update, the cake balls taste much better day two, maybe cause i haven't just spent the last four hours licking many sweet bowls

  3. They look delicious!
    Anywho fabulous blog I followed, please check out mine;