Saturday, January 29, 2011

If The Bra Fits

According to Oprah and other media people about 70% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.  Not only is wearing the wrong size uncomfortable its down right silly.  Why would you want to wear something for 16hours a day that just doesn't fit.  Not to mention that your boobs are incredibly sensitive and just simply feel more than the rest of your body.

I decided to look up the history of the bra using the ever reliable Wiki as my information source.  What I found was too complicated to summarize, but if you are interested click on the wiki link.  One thing I did find interesting is that both world wars effected the bra industry greatly, first because of metal and the second because of the woman's role in war. 

I personally hate bra's and they are the first thing I remove when i walk in the door (the second is socks, I like my toes free).  When I was in Florida I decided to go into Victoria's Secret and get fitted, the girl in the dressing room tried to convince me that I was a D cup.  I tried on several D cup bras and just simply did not fill them (I could have told her that).  I am a true 36C, which a home measurement confirmed today. 

Here are some tips I found on the Internet about fitting.

From a web site called The Bra Guide I learned that if you are experiencing: Breast spillage, bra puckering, bra riding up, bra digging into shoulder and under wire poking you are wearing the wrong size.  You also need to figure out what type of bra works best for you.  I'm a huge fan of the cleave so i like a 3/4cup bra with some push up (if you got it flaunt it right?) . 

This is Victoria Secrets "How to Measure"

I find it a little confusing, but I found all the charts and info available on the web confusing.  Your best bet is to get fitted in a store, then try on as many styles as possible.  I always wear padded and am interested in trying some without.  Also colour is important, I feel that every girl should own both a nude and black bra.  Nude actually works better under white clothing than a white bra does, same goes for undies.  Although I find new undies kinda gross looking on my  pale skin.  I think this is a place where we should be investing some money instead of running for the sale bins.  We should really be putting our daily comfort first, no to mention the confidence good looking boobs can give a girl.

Hope you find the right size for you...

Love Kaydee

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