Monday, January 10, 2011

BYOB Etiquette

I think being in your mid 20's to mid 30's is kinda like a second adolescence, full of confusion, self awareness and hormones.  We have to figure out a whole new set of rules, all why trying to figure out who we want to be as a grown person.  Included in this is the BYOB etiquette when it is not specifically said, written on a flyer or in an e-vite.  There are going to be a lot of in the case of, or for instance in this post, and these again are opinions of my self and ones I have gathered from friends today.

Ok here we go:

-when having such a gathering you should provide at least one case of beer, or hard liquor and wine to offer to the "just dropped in for a quick min before I head off my my less fun obligation plans" people.
-if you are one of the above people, only have one drink any more than that you should have BYOB'd
-one should leave what is left in the bottle at the party givers house, as kinda a thanks for letting me get smashed parting gift.
-don't drink other party goers booze unless specifically offered from them, people are sad when there bottle is empty and its not in their livers.
-if you plan on drinking 6 beers, bring 8 or a bottle of wine bring a magnum like I said leave some behind you look less of a lush
- don't get so faced that you are sick at a work party or family party, this can only be done at truly good friends homes.
-never drink and drive, its just awkward for others and friggen stupid for you.

It was much easier at 19 when you knew to bring what you were going to drink, and you never supplied your friends with booze cause you couldn't afford it.  Now we want to look grownup and fancy with our nicely stocked bars.  Except now with bills and obligations can we really afford to supple our friends livers more than before.  El thought this post was going to sound bitchy, telling people what to do but I'm not so much telling as wanting to know.  Are theses "rules" right, are there more, what do other groups of people do.  Does North American treat BYOB different than the rest of the world like we do super sizing?

I need your thoughts people!

Love Kaydee

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