Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Five Things I'm Bad At...

I am good at many things, I make the best fish face and I give great hugs.  But there are some things that I am just simply bad at, some things that I might never get better at.  I think a person needs to embrace their faults, enjoy them, really make them part of their day.

trying to be sexy... fail

I am bad at the following:
1.Spelling-I mean really have you read this blog before, and that's after spell check and two proof reads
2.  Backing a car into a spot-  I am so afraid that I will cause damage I cannot afford to fix, and parking lots have weird insurance rules, yikes
3. Cleaning as I cook- I like to make a giant tornado of a mess while making a meal, poor Mr.N cause whom ever cooks doesn't have to clean
4. Keeping a schedulel-my friends all know to call me about an hour before plans to remind me that I made them (as I write this I remember that I have a massage at 6:30 thanks you blog gods!)
5. Corresponding- I am horrible at remembering my cell phone, reading e-mails and texting back within a reasonable amount of time.

The first three I am just going to live with, but I think with time and age I can improve on the last two.  I am all about self improvement, lets just hope I don't procrastinate of forget about it.

Love Kaydee

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