Sunday, January 2, 2011

Netflicks Review: Its Not For Us

Lets start off with saying that we are huge movie lovers, we rent, stream and go out to movies often.  I love the romance of going to the movie theatre, I love the sticky popcorn floors, the over sized drinks and playing the yes or no game during the previews.  I love to watch my friends faces as the react to different parts of the movie (some find this weird and unnerving, oh well get over it).  I am also a huge fan of TMN, I think if offers a huge variety and my dear friend HBO (hello Dexter and True Blood).

OK moving on to Netflicks, Mr. N's is lucky enough to have a job that he loves an they are so cool that for Xmas they gave him Apple T.V.  Now I love Apple T.V. we can stream YouTube to our 50" plasma which is a great party trick, have you seen Biscuit?  I am also an escapist addict, I love T.V., reading, music and movies, I love escaping to different worlds from the comfort of my couch.  So with that I thought Netflicks would be so for us at eight bucks a month.

Here are my reasons why its not!!

You must bill to your credit card, and for someone who is trying really hard to pay those puppies down that just kinda ticks me off.  Why not a normal online billing process like your cell phone, that seams to work for almost everyone else.

They are having some problem with licencing in Canada, or so the reviews I read have told me (not spoken to Netflicks people myself).  I find their catalog to be old, not the new release I am dieing for, TMN covers older movies for me.  I was addicted to season one of Drop Dead Diva but they don't offer season two and not I am hanging off a cliff dieing to know who Jane kisses.  If you are into watching some old favourites again they have plenty of those, but I like the new and shiny movies hot off the press.

I'm with Rogers for my cable and Internet needs and they have a cap on streaming allowed.  You could watch alot of flicks and get a HUGE bill next month (if it is huge I'll let you know, and cry)

The nice thing Netflicks is doing for us up here in the great white north is offering a month free no stings attached.  You just have to cancel before the next billing period, which we are going to do.  Although we are going to keep our eyes out for updates to their catalog, and if it improves we may look at signing up for it again.

But for right now its just not for us, well once it stops being free!!

Love Kaydee


  1. True. I have been using the free trial for my son right now. There is no Dexter or similar shows for me, but the kids shows are alright.

  2. I pretty much agree with your thoughts. Just know that they won't give you any notice that the free trial is finishing, so pay attention if you don't want to get charged.

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  4. Good review and yeah, we thought the same thing. $8 a month is great but then you have to have an internet package with a pretty decent amount of GB (I would say 60+ and even then you could get close to your max and going over is so expensive). The only way I think it would be worth it is if they had new releases for tv shows and at least decently new releases for movies.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys, and Ash for the tech advice the whole 60+ is gibberish to me!