Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wine List: Alvar 2008 Chardonney Gewurztraminer

I would have to say that writing a wine review on a Sunday morning, after had drinking said bottle of wine the night before is a little difficult.  I want to think about egg mcmuffins not more booze.  But back to my new favourite wine, that has been bought two weekends in a row!

 The back of the bottle  says that:
This crisp balanced wine opens with the fresh flavours of lychee and mandarin oranges; the citrus influence continues with an intense tangerine flavour; the presence of Gewurztraminer complements the wine with a closing note of spice.

I agree that it is on the sweet side and fruity but what i really like about it is how smooth it is.  It goes down like Kool-aid kids. Gewürz is a new wine, grape or whatever to me but I am excited to try it in all its combinations.

At $12.95 a bottle it is right in my price range, and being sweet in my taste range. 

I give this wine a big YUM for a nice night in with the girls (Mr.N not a wine fan)

Love Kaydee

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