Monday, January 3, 2011

Six Pieces I Love In My House

I have been lucky to collect some amazing pieces for my home over the years, mostly thanks to my parents for saving antique in their basement.  I love to decorate, but hate to clean which kinda kills the nice effect in my house.  So I thought I would post show some of my possessions and that forced me to give them a really good dust!!

  My Great Grandmothers china cabinet that I use as a book shelf, the dining room table is in the way of the bottom part but it really is beautiful!!

 Mirror we were given as a wedding present, it is so fancy and fabulous

Book self I coveted at Pier One, then found at 70% off as it was being discontinued

 Massive Audrey poster in Italian that My brothers family gave me for Christmas one year, my sister in law is great at gifts!

Slipper chair my Aunt recovered for me, I have a long list of friends who want to steal this one cause its so cute!

 Victrola Case my Mom refinished, that yet again I use as a book self
My Mom has given me some great advice thought my life, one being that most of your furniture should have storage.  I'm a crap collector, definitely not a minimalist at all so storage is really important to me.  I have read about 98% of the books on my shelves, the ones I haven't read are because I forgot that I bought them.  I really should keep a list of the ones I have bought to avoid doubles. 

I love a lot of things in my house, these are just a few...

Love Kaydee

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