Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nail Art: Florida Here I Come!!!

As I have been mentioning the past couple of weeks I am off to Florida, the sunshine state on Saturday.  Now before you get too jealous of me I am going to visit my 90yr old Grandpa in central Northern Florida at his gated senors community.  It also involves a two day drive down there with my parents, which I actually love and a flight back.  Now I love my Grandpa so much, but this isn't the most exciting trip ever.

After the greys and dark reds of fall and the glitter of the holidays I was so excited to paint my nails with some colour.  This may be the only time you get to see my hobbit feet, but the nails are so cute I couldn't resist.

Hobbit Feet, with jewels

Yay Pink
On my toes I used OPI Ogre-the top blue and on my fingers China Glaze's Laced Up.  I like to use Miji nail art pens to make the flowers with my Konad plate, it just shows up more.

I am hoping to hit up a Starbucks and do a couple of posts with  pictures from my trip.  Can't wait to hug my Gramps, I mean he is 90 he deserve a visit!!

Next time you see me I will be a giant freckle, well if the sun is out.  Hope the weather gods are eon my side please.

Love kaydee

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  1. Have a great trip honey. Nails are so cute. I can't wait for my first of the summer season pedicure.