Friday, January 28, 2011

Date Night: The Fighter

I always look forward to a date night with Mr.N, not only because I love to spend time with him but because I have an excuse to dress up.  Being as I wear scrubs to work all week (pretty much PJ's), dressing up even in jeans is a treat for me.

I wore boots from Aldo, Jeggings from Gap which I love and want ten pairs of, Jessica Simpson knitted tunic and a boyfriend blazer by YDE studios which is carried at Jean Machine.

We went to see The Fighter tonight, which was a great movie.  I'm not surprised that both Amy Adams and Christian Bale are nominated for Oscars, they did a great job.  I loved the grainy way it was filmed, gave the movie an authenticity that suited the plot.  Plus who doesn't love to see Marky Mark with his shirt off, and Bale lost enough weight to make a very convincing crack head.  I love a good sports movie with heart, skill and a happy ending.

Now I need to shop for a new date night movie.

Love Kaydee

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