Monday, November 22, 2010

A Very UnGrownup Thing To Do

Two weekends ago my friends EL and I had a very ungrownup evening out.  We fell in love with Urban Decays Naked Pallet and decided we must have it.  Now with twelve full size eye shadows, an eye primer and a wonderful eye liner at 53 dollars it really is worth the price.  What was the very ungrownup part of the evening is that we could only buy this product two hours away in Toronto.  Normally we could have stayed with friends in the big city and made a weekend of it, but I had to work the next morning at 7am.

 So off we drove to T.O. during rush hour trying to get to Sephora on Bloor St before it closed at 8.  Once there and seeing my new friend Naked I was not disappointed, felt it was way worth the drive, but there is always a catch.  It was crazy foggy on the way home, we couldn't read street signs ten feet in front of us.  Unfortunately not going to work was not an option, so home we must go.  It took us three hours to do the two hour drive home, me almost falling asleep, EL clutching the wheel with white knuckles.  The kicker of this story is that the next day our local Sephora opened a box and oh look, there is the Naked Pallet.  Since we made it home ok, and I made it to work it was well worth it to us, we like eyeshadow a lot.  A true grownup would have waited until her local shop carried the product, not spent one hour in Toronto for six hours of driving.

Live and Learn, with really cute eye lids!!

Love Kaydee


  1. Well I'm glad it was worth it! I haven't heard of that make-up line before, is it from the states?

  2. Sephora Canada carries it as well, I love the strong pigmentation that their eye shadows carry. I'm new to the brand as well, but can't wait to explore it!!!I can't find on the website where they originate from...

  3. I just discovered your blog and your Sephora story made me laugh out loud! I'm in Toronto over Christmas, so I'm looking forward to checking back and seeing what other Christmas-shopping ideas you come up with!