Friday, November 19, 2010

Laundry Challenge

I am going to challenge myself to put away laundry for five minutes every night before bed.  One wouldn't think this was such a big deal, but my bed room is more reminiscent to a 16yr olds than a grown girls.  Maybe if I set a timer and vow only to do five minute each night I may eventually catch up with my ever growing mountain of clean crumpled floor clothes.  This is the chore I loath, such a simple one but I can never wrap my brain around doing it.  Maybe it was all those year of my Mom begging me to please clean my room, perhaps its my last rebellion.  But really the only person it is hurting is me, and well Mister N who has to either step on or around our clothing.
Wish me luck!!

Love Kaydee


  1. Day two, no laundry put away, opps fail..

  2. You just need to be consistent. Get Mr. N. to harass you to put shit away...or do it with him. Or have a routine.

    Clean clothes, dry clothes, put clothes away. Have a time limit. I am slow, I need a 2-3 day window. But it gets done.

    Or, dont go to bed until its done...every night. No matter how tired you are.

    Or just come clean my carpets and I will do it for you! lol