Monday, November 22, 2010

Five ways to shop smart...

As I said before tis the season to shop, not only for others as it seams but also for ones self. One thing us grown girls need to start embracing is smart shopping. No more coming home with unsure items of questionable quality.  Every grown girl should go out with some basic rules, I know if I had theses I would have skipped some large shopping errors (news print sweatshirt dress uggg!!)

 1. Avoid Credit Cards-  This one is hard to do, but if you don't have it don't spend it!!  If you are an avid point collector put the money on your card before you buy the item to avoid the, oops I just forgot I bought that feeling next month.

2.  Research- If you are looking to buy a very specific item read reviews, as many reviews as possible.  You may find out that the eye liners you covet is really smudgy and you are looking for a sharp clean line.  This goes for house hold item as well, such as vacuum's and cleaning supplies.  People who like to clean seam to really love to give reviews so there are tones out there to read.

3.  Take Inventory- Look at what you already have, do you have the same style shirt in the same colour but in another store.  What you should be looking for is gaps in your collection, I don't own a cardigan at all So I am on the hunt for a black one.  Even house hold items, save your money don't double up on supplies.  Keep a list of these "gaps" in your head or on your phone (me), so when you are out and about with your cards you have a reference guide.

4.  Collect Smart Points- To me these are points that don't require a credit card to build up, and are at store your frequent anyways.  I personally collect Air Miles (got a free carpet steamer last week in the mail yay), HBC-Love The Back, Shoppers Optimum and Scene points.  Theses are all given at stores I go to at least on a monthly basis, have no credit requirement and I have used the rewards from all.

5.  Think About It- If your not sure than it is probably not a good buy, if you are asking in the jeans store is my but big in these move on.  DO NOT purchase on a whim, just because it is pretty and sparkly.  I am as big a sucker for shiny objects and that has dinged my wallet more than once.  You can always use the call a friend/Sig other/parent route, but if you are there you probably don't need it.

There will be no more clothing with tags on it long after purchase for me.  I vow to be a smart shopper from now on, even while at Winners and Chapters.  I will have a budget and a plan set in place before stepping out my door.  I'm sure Mister N will be over the moon to hear my promise to the shopping gods!!!

Love Kaydee