Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Good Place To Start

When beginning something new, I'm always hoping to that ah-ha moment when you know exactly what to do.  All week long I have thought of millions of ideas for post, but then when it came down to it I drew a huge blank.  I was never the person who had the quick comeback while the offending person was still in the room.  But bet your bottom dollar I had it five minutes after they walked out the door. 

So I am going to start with my top five reasons why I think being a grown up sucks

1. Putting away my laundry (I would rather clean my bathroom, your bathroom and the men's bathroom at          Detroit baseball stadium)
2.  Deciding what's for dinner
3.  Paying bills (cause I would rather buy shoes, they always fit!!)
4.  Mondays.. is more needed?
5.  Not buying what I want when I want it because of responsibilities

I am going to try to tackle all of the reasons that I hate being a grown up, one small steps at a time.  There also might be a few reasons why its not so bad all the time, such as a nice drive or a great bottle of wine.

I am hoping that at the end of my life I can look back and think I did a bang-up job and at least tried.

Love Kaydee

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