Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nail Art: Fall Leaves

Ever since I was little I have been doing crafts, mostly with my Mom but also on my own.  I do have one huge bad habit when it comes to my crafting, follow though and finish.  I am always gun-ho at the beginning, but then seam to peter out to a stop at the end. 

Being as I worked at McD's throughout my teens, I never really got into wearing nail polish.  Six months ago while on our honeymoon in Vegas I discovered Konad nail art.  Thus started a new hobby/obsession, I change my nails almost every week and never have repeated a pattern.

Since the last week of November feels like final week of fall, I decided to paint on final fall themed nail pattern.  I started with my China Glaze polish called Ingrid, of course after using a base coat.  The key to a nice finish on your nail is allowing each layer to completely dry.  This can be time consuming, but is well wort the final product.  So once dry I used my orange Migi Nail Art pen to draw oak and plant leaves.  I'm pretty happy with the final result, I even used my least favourite colour orange to make sure it had an authentic fall feeling.

Can't wait to start my Xmas themes next week!!

Love Kaydee

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