Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Five Gift Ideas For The Acquaintance

Everyone has occasion where you have to bring a gift for an acquaintance, hostest gifts, secret Santa's or when someone announces I got you the perfect Christmas gift can't wait to exchange!! (you thought a nice have a good holiday salutation would do).  This is when one should buy with a guide, to avoid being known as the candle or gift basket giver.  One also must think the value of re-gift status, if the person can re-gift it while feeling proud its a good buy.  You want to seam thoughtful without seaming to personal, sometimes you want to keep this person at the acquaintance level.

P.S. I feel like gift baskets are only given in a desperate attempt to seam thoughtful, but the personal had no idea what to buy. I hate them!!! Would rather 50 candles!!!!

1.  Travel Coffee Mug with Coffee Gift Card Inside-  I was actually given this one a couple of weeks back for hosting a baby shower for my bestie B.  I have an abnormal love for Starbucks, so this was a very thought full and personal gift for me.  The majority of people love hot beverages and baked goods, so it works across the board.  This also score high on the re-gift able scale.  Mine was gone in three days, Oh how i love my Chai Lattes in pretty black and white mugs!!!

2.  Nice Soap In Liquid or Foam Style-  Everyone should keep good quality liquid soap in their bathroom, I am a huge fan of Bath and Bodywork's.  Stick to light scents that lean on the unisex side, very few men want to smell like a sweet pea.  This is not a gift basket, but am individual item that is a house-hold must. Oh so regiftable, a few times over!!

3.  Spices and Oils- Has anyone else noticed how expensive spices are?  If the person look like they have ever turned on their oven this is a great option.  Specialty food stores always have interesting spice and oil combinations that go above the norm.  If you are a keener and want to put in the extra effort you could include easy options for use of spice in the card.  I'm not a keener, I would let them figure it out for them selves. I would give this a medium of the re-giftable scale, its slightly more personal, they would have to have the ability to open an oven.

4.  Potted Plant- Flowers may seam obvious, but it seam to be a dieing practice to give these.  I like to give orchids because they give the appearance of being expensive without actually being expensive.  Make sure you include care instructions with the plant, and don't be upset if its not alive the next time you go to visit.  If regifted it must be done quickly, before they kill the plant!!

5.  Scented Reed Oil Diffusers- This is very different than candles, because it requires little maintenance.  All a person has to do is place reeds in bottle, find home for bottle, toss bottle when oil is gone.  I find that they have a lighter scent than a plug in, and normally are very cute.  Very regiftable!!

As you can see my choices are not candle and/or gist baskets but are still wallet friendly.  Organized people may even keep a few of these (not the plant) on hand in case of an invite.  None scream-OMG you know me so well- but none also say -she has no clue at all-.

Happy gift giving over the Holiday season!!

Love Kaydee

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  1. These are great ideas! I especially like the potted plant idea... I often give aloe plants as a house-warming gift... they look great, and if you burn yourself on your old rickety rental stove, it's very soothing (most of my friends are still students!) Christmas cacti are also a lovely choice this time of year, and you can replant them in cute little containers to personalise! Cheap and cheerful!
    - Catherine at The Spring