Monday, November 29, 2010


Disease: Mondayitis

Cause: Having to be out of bed on a Monday morning because of duties or requirements life has.  Such as work, school or children.  This maybe things you normal enjoy, but the Mondayness sucks all the "joy" out of the activities. 

Symptoms:  Inflammation due to tiredness, irritability due to Mondayness, days seam longer, loss of ability to sleep deeply night before, activities seam painful and are harder to accomplish.

Cure:  We must all find our own cure for the dreaded Mondayitis in the form of a little bit of happiness to get us though the day.  This can be a specialty coffee, a call from an old friend or a well deserved nap at the end of a long work day!!

My cure this week arrived in the mail, which is great cause I didn't have to make effort to cure my Mondayitis.  A very good friend of mine gave me a subscription to Style at Home's magazine for my birthday in October.  I have eagerly been checking my mail every day awaiting the arrival of my first magazine.  I don't think the timing of my new treasure could have been more perfect, to arrive on a cold dark Monday could not have been better.  So now I am going to go sip some chai tea and flip the pages of my new glossy!!

Good Luck with your Cure!!!

Love Kaydee

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