Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tis The Season.. To Shop and Decorate!!!

I decided today that it is not to early to put up the tree,  being as the malls have been spewing Xmas the second Halloween was done.  So while out with my good friend E I was mentioning that I really wanted garland for the bureau my T.V. sits on.  She gave me the idea to pick up materials at my local dollar store to make my own.  Feeling very Martha I am pretty happy with the outcome.  I even made some old fashion hot chocolate on the stove.  Here is the tree and decorations I have collected over the past three years!!!

Garland I made!!!

Can't wait to start shopping and fill the bottom of that tree with pretty wrapped gifts.  Of course now that I am trying to be a grown girl I am going to buy smart well researched gifts.   Can't wait to decide my wrapping theme, InStyle magazine gave me the idea for monogrammed gifts, so far that's my top idea!!!


  1. Wow! Your place looks great! I really like the tall glass vase with the ornaments in it - tres chic. We don't have anything up yet.

  2. Won't to come decorate my tree???? And I love the vases too!
    Your Mom